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The Redcoats have priorities which go beyond winning – increasing the rate of participation in sports as well as inclusion are also important objectives of the Club

Following five seasons of expansion for the Ghajnsielem Redcoats, the Club has exceeded its limits and capacity. Enrolments in the club went from 12 girls to over 130 boys and girls in that period. The Club started with just a youth softball team and now there are several programmes including two multisport activities, baseball, softball and basketball along with the Softball in Schools initiative which is expected to reach hundreds of Year 5 and Year 6 state school students from all over Malta and Gozo. Without the availability of dedicated sport-specific facilities along with more qualified coaches there is not much room for further growth.

The focus of the club over the coming season will be to consolidate the core programmes aiming to improve the performances of the athletes. The addition of Tahli Moore is expected to make a significant difference especially to the softball programme. Ms Moore will be coaching the women’s teams, youth’s softball, and the U10 baseball & softball players of the Club. With the Club fielding two teams to participate in the MABS Women’s Fastpitch Softball Tournament to give more players an opportunity to play the game goes to show that the Redcoats have priorities which go beyond winning. Increasing the rate of participation in sports as well as inclusion are also important objectives of the club.

Baseball and basketball were both reorganised so that practice sessions are held by age categories with the aim to prepare the players for competition. The Active Start (4th edition) and the Fundamental Skills Academy (3rd edition) programmes will continue to build on the successes of the previous years.

The policy of the Club to encourage players to practice more than one sport continues and those who enrol in one programme can participate in any of the other programmes for their age group without having to pay an additional enrolment fee. In addition, parents will benefit from a tax rebate on their FS3 tax return if they submit a duly completed Nursery Attendance Scheme form along with the receipt issued by the Club to SportMalta prior to February 2018.

We would like to wish the coaches and the players all the best for the upcoming season.

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