Participating at such a high level tournament was a tremendous experience for the U15 softball team of the Ghajnsielem Redcoats. This was the third time that the Club went to Castions Delle Mura to participate in one of their tournaments. Managing that is already an outstanding achievement for the Club.

One of the two main objectives that the Club set for this year’s participation was for the players to gain experience, to learn what it takes to play at the highest level and to understand why the little things that their coaches insist upon during practices are so important during competitive games. Over the course of the upcoming season it is expected that these players will use the knowledge and experienced gained to improve as softball players.

The other objective was for the players to grow to love the wonderful game of softball. There is no question that this objective was also achieved. Yes, they wanted to win, and yes they were disappointed to lose, but they enjoyed every minute of it. Every hit, every run scored, every strike-out registered by our pitchers as well as every out their opponents made brought about wild screams and expressions of jubilation. The chanting during the games didn’t stop no matter what the score was. Yes, the love that these teenage players had for softball increased significantly during the course of this tournament as did the team bonding.

The coaches couldn’t help but be proud of these players for battling until the very end. Their behaviour was also impeccable, which is of great importance. They were outstanding ambassadors for Gozo and for the sporting community of the island.