We wish all of our players a wonderfully enjoyable season

This month sessions of the main programmes of the Ghajnsielem Redcoats will commence at three different venues. Baseball and softball practices which started last Saturday take place at the Ghajnsielem Football Ground, basketball sessions scheduled to start next week will be conducted at the Gozo Sports Complex, whereas ACTIVE START – Young Multisport Athletes and the FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS ACADEMY will be held at the Ghajnsielem Primary School.

This year an effort was made to maintain the same time slots as last season so that parents and players would be able to plan ahead. Still, unfortunately, there are various clashes with other activities particularly MUSEUM sessions on Fridays coinciding with the FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS ACADEMY sessions. It is fairly disappointing that parents are not consulted when such timetables are established so as not to make it difficult for children to practice a sport.

Once again, in an effort to encourage our athletes to practice more than one sport, those who enrol for any programme with the Redcoats can attend any other programmes of the Club suitable for their age. Those who are interested in enrolling with the Redcoats can contact us for further information.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and our coaches we would like to wish all of our players a wonderfully enjoyable season. Have fun boys and girls!Schedule ws