Maltese-Canadian Softball Pitcher in Gozo

A very productive softball practice session conducted by Maltese-Canadian softball pitcher, Shannon Galea.

Shannon Galea, a softball pitcher native of Oshawa, Canada, who plays for the Den Bosch Gryphons in the Dutch Hoofdklasse Softball League, offered to conduct a practice session in Gozo for the young Redcoats while she was visiting relatives in Malta.

Ms Galea who plays as a pitcher also coaches youths back in Oshawa. The practice session was held at the Sannat ground on October 15, 2012. Shannon gave the prospective softball pitchers of the Redcoats an intensive session where she went through the pitching motion breaking it down into 5 steps making it easier to master.

The presence of Shannon gave a great boost to the Redcoats who had just played their second game ever in the MABS Youth Softball League.

Following her short visit to Gozo and the training session with the Ghajnsielem Redcoats, Shannon Galea sent us the following note by e-mail:
“Thank you very much for the photos from the awesome day we had together with the young athletes. I had the pleasure of spending the day with enthusiastic learners and will never forget the experience of working with such great girls, especially in my second country! I enjoyed every last minute I had in Malta and adding some softball to the mix, was the icing to the cake. Working with such young motivated athletes is equally inspiring, to spend time with kids who deserve to learn and receive adequate skills for this great sport. I am grateful that coaches such as yourselves take the time to teach kids what you know, despite the various barriers you face with accessibility to competition. For next year, I will try and bring some teammates of mine to Malta for a trip and hopefully we can organize another clinic that can be at least 2 days. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have with regards to pitching or drills you’re curious to learn about. I look forward to meeting again and working with the future development of the sport of softball in Malta. Yours in Softball, Shannon”
We all look forward to see you again, Shannon.
Thanks again.