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Over 20 players attended the sessions, which shows that the popularity of the sport is growing rapidly in Gozo

Connie May of Scrap Yard Fast Pitch returned to Gozo on Wednesday, March 21, for the continuation of the Softball at Schools project which is supported by the Ministry of Education & Employment and the World Baseball & Softball Confederation. Lisa Norris, a high profile US pitcher and coach, accompanied coach May on this trip.

The first commitment of the US softball coaches was a hitting and pitching practice session with the youth players of the Ghajnsielem Redcoats. This was held at the Ghajnsielem Primary School, where the Redcoats have their mid-week sessions. The coaches had a look at the hitting mechanics of each of the players at the session and recommended individualised drills for each to improve. Lisa Norris spent the latter part of the session with the pitchers, pointing out adjustments in the throwing motion to improve their consistency and start hitting the spots with regularity.

Then on Saturday a fielding team practice was held at the Ghajnsielem Football Ground, which is where the Redcoats have their practices during the weekend. This was followed by another session for pitchers and catchers. Once again both sessions were very productive and from the remarks of coach May the girls showed much improvement and look more confident as softball players since her first visit in June 2017.

Over 20 players attended the sessions, which is also very encouraging as it shows that the popularity of the sport is growing rapidly in Gozo. Three of the youth players in attendance only joined the club earlier this month with all three experiencing softball for the first time.

The Ghajnsielem Redcoats would like to thank both Connie May and Lisa Norris for their dedication and commitment to help our players to improve. The support of the World Baseball & Softball Confederation and the Ministry for Education & Employment made it possible for the Redcoats to organise the continuation of the Softball at Schools project along with the training camp for our softball players. The immediate objective of the team now is to do well in the upcoming final three games in the National Championship. Once the final game of the season is played the focus will then be entirely on player development.

IGETS is co-financed by the European Union. The Ghajnsielem Redcoats received assistance from the Ministry of Education and Employment through the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport & Voluntary Oragisations to meet its co-financing obligations.

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Photo above courtesy of Janice Grech of Photo Concepts Photography