The appointment of Tara Henry is in line with the strategy of the Club to have softball coaches from the US, the best softball developmental model in the world, to help develop their young athletes

The softball program of the Ghajnsielem Redcoats received a great boost with the announcement that Tara Henry, former UCLA Bruins softball player, has been appointed softball technical director. The main responsibility of Ms Henry will be to prepare the youth players of the club for participation in local and international competitions. She will also have the task to promote softball in Gozo and support the Softball in Schools initiative of the club by visiting schools and conducting softball sessions for students during school hours.

Coach Tara Henry will arrive on March 1st to take over her role at the Club. She will be assisted by Redcoats player-coach Tahli Moore and Joseph Scicluna. The Redcoats who have just won the MABS Women’s Fast Pitch Softball Tournament will participate in the National Championship. Their first commitment in the competition will be on Sunday, March 11, in Mellieha when the women’s team take on the Mellieha Curves. Although the Ghajnsielem Redcoats won the MABS Tournament twice over the past two season, they were never crowned National Champions and this is has been the primary objectives at the start of the season.

Tara had various coaching offers abroad but decided to take on the position with the Redcoats as she sees much potential in the crop of youth players of the club. She also sees Gozo as a place where softball can flourish and become the most popular game among girls and youths. Tara Henry also appreciates the work that the Redcoats are doing to promote gender equality in sports, striving to increase the opportunities women have to practice a sport and wants to support the club with their Erasmus+ Sports project Inclusion and Gender Equality Through Softball to ensure a long lasting legacy.

The appointment of Tara Henry as Softball Technical Director is in line with the strategy of the Ghajnsielem Redcoats to have softball coaches from the US, the best softball developmental model in the world, to help develop their young athletes.

Tara Henry is the founder of Run The Bases (RTB) a non-profit NGO which aims  to address gender inequalities by teaching life skills through sport. Softball is the tool, inclusion and gender equality are the goal. The target group is vulnerable youth. RTB develops players, coaches and communities by using softball as a vehicle for social change. These objectives are very much in line with those of the Ghajnsielem Redcoats who also strive to increase the rate of participation in sports.

Everyone associated with the club is very much excited about the prospect of having a full-time professional coach overseeing the development of their young players. The players, who know coach Tara very well from her previous two visits over the past twelve months, are very much looking forward to her arrival. They are confident that she will help them become better players, able to compete at international competitions with Club and country.