When one takes into consideration that there are twenty players who are still U17 there is no question that the potential of the women’s softball team is really great

Having lost to the Mellieha Curves in Mellieha last month, Redcoats Softball had to beat the same Curves in Gozo and then hope for favourable results to win the MABS Women’s Fastpitch Softball Tournament 2017. After putting a strong performance Redcoats Softball came away with an 11-10 walk-off win in their final game of their campaign. Despite topping the table with five wins and one loss, the Curves were still able to catch up with them should they go on to win their remaining games. So it was up to the Ghajnsielem Redcoats to try to emulate the efforts of their squad mates and beat the Curves for the Club to retain the title they won last year.

The Ghajnsielem Redcoats put on their best performance of the season and should have won by a greater margin but at the end the 11-10 walk-off win was enough. Strangely enough the game followed the same pattern as that of Redcoats Softball, even the score was the same. The win over the Mellieha Curves was very significant for the Redcoats as over the span of ten days the two teams of the Club managed to beat the reigning National Champions. Eyebrows were raised within the organisation and around the league when the Redcoats announced that they will field two teams to compete in the MABS Women’s Fastpitch Softball Tournament. With a youth squad of 22 players along with the addition of experienced players Tahli Moore, Joanne Mifsud, Marice Meilak, and Erica Andolfi the Redcoats were confident that there were enough talented players to participate with two teams.

Now that the commitments of the two teams in this competition are over the decision to have two teams has been vindicated. During this tournament eight Redcoats players played fastpitch softball for the first time. Inclusion, which was one of the objectives for fielding two teams, was achieved. Another objective was to give playing time to as many players as possible so that they gain the experience. The other benefit of having two teams participate is that each team gets to play an additional two games against a third team. This is very important as it is by playing more official games that players sharpen their skills and gain experience.

Nobody expected any of the two teams to do as well as they did. The fact that both teams managed to win their two home games against their two rivals from Malta was very impressive. Redcoats Softball with five wins and a loss won the tournament and with their performances they were rated as the best team in the competition. There is no doubt that there is a lot of talent in the squad of the Redcoats. When one takes into consideration that there are twenty players who are still U17 there is no question that the potential of the women’s softball team is really great. The challenge going forward is to keep the players engaged, enjoying playing the game, and to help them achieve their full potential.

The competitive commitments of the Redcoats in 2018 will commence in February with the start of the Women’s Fastpitch Softball National Championship. That is the one honour which has eluded the Club for the past two season but now looks very much within their reach. Let’s see if the players can keep the momentum generated during the course of this tournament to win it all and become National Champions at senior level for the first time in the history of the Club.