Awards Night

Best moment of the 2012/13 season was when the Redcoats’ all-girls youth team beat the Grand Slammers on November 11, 2012 in walk-off style to register the 1st ever win for the Club.

The Redcoats held the first annual awards night at the Clubhouse in Għajnsielem on July 3, 2013. The reception was attended by MABS officials as well as representatives of the Mellieha Baseball and Softball Club and the Mustangs along with several parents. 

All youth team players received a trophy in recognition of their achievements over the 2012/13 season. The trophies were sponsored by the Għajnsielem Local Council. Mayor Francis Cauchi made the opening speech.

Joseph Scicluna followed by counting down what were for him the highlights of the Redcoats’ 1st season.

10) Playing the game for the first time and being on the field alongside players like Jeff, Charlie, Shaun, Steven, Josef and Steve Ellis. We never imagined that we will have a men’s team, let alone a very good one. To have these talented players back playing the game was one of the best things that happened during this season. The future of baseball in Gozo depends on the involvement of former Gozo Tornadoes players. We thank all the players who made up the men’s team for their contribution to make this a successful debut season for our Club.

9) The first session of Tee-Ball and all the other sessions. The response we got for the programme was overwhelming. To see around 40 girls and boys having fun doing drills was truly amazing. Here we need to thank Steve Ellis for designing the programme, Marlene Saliba, Josef & Alison Vella and Marice Meilak for helping out. Without their help it would not have been possible.

8) Watching Massimo and Armando play, pitching, fielding, hitting… their involvement helped us reach a higher level and made it possible for us to compete in the Baseball Major League. I hope that they continue to take the sport seriously and understand the importance of team spirit and doing personal sacrifice for the benefit of the team.

7) Winning our first away youth’s game. Redcoats against the Blue Jays in Mellieha when Massimo hit a home run.

6) The 3 exhibition games of our ladies team. Initially we expected to be in a position to have a ladies team in 3 years time. The involvement of Marlene, Michelle and Nancy helped get us started. It was of great satisfaction to see Michelle and Kacey play alongside each other as was to see Josephine and Estelle on the same team. The Redcoats as a Softball & Baseball Club was set up specifically to make this possible. We thank all the players who participated in our games including Alison Vella and Marice Meilak.

5) The social events that we organised. The launching of the Redcoats in October, the Christmas Dinner, Canada Day BBQ as well as the 6 times that we had lunch together as a team after games, 5 of them here at the ClubHouse. We thank the Azzopardi family for their generous support. Such activities help in the team building process.

4) Kacey’s walk off home run at the Gozo Stadium against the Blue Jays. That home run was no accident. She had been practicing and hitting the ball well for 2 weeks, and before hitting the home run she hit about 4 foul balls which had enough distance to be a home run. I don’t know much about the records of the Association and what happened in the past, but Kacey could be the first girl to hit a home run in a youths’ baseball league.

3) Comeback-win against the Mustangs in the Youth’s softball league. After being down 0-7 our girls tied the game at 7-7, then conceded 2 runs in the top of the 5th but again came back to win 10-9 in walk off fashion.

Giulia Lateo, Kirsty Bonnici and Estelle Scicluna all reached base to load the bases with nobody out. Lateo scored on Eden Debono’s hit. Denise Xuereb’s infield hit scored Bonnici to tie the match at nine. Yana Vella then struck out. The pressure was now all on Gianella Mallia. It was imperative for the Redcoats to score now, otherwise the match would go into extra-innings. Mallia did not disappoint. Her base hit scored Estelle Scicluna from third for Għajnsielem’s second walk-off win in a row.

2) Our youths’ first ever game. This was played in Mellieha October 7. I prepared the girls and told them that it will be very difficult for us as we never played an organised game before. I told them that we should consider a result better than 0-12 as positive and then we’ll try to improve on that. To watch them play, score 2 runs in the 1st inning, make 3 outs in the bottom half of the 1st, take the lead again in the top of the 4th, tie the game in the top of the 5th and lose by just 1 run 5-6 was fantastic. I was really proud of the girls on that day. I thought how unfair it was that girls do not have the same opportunities to compete in sports to experience winning and losing. On that day we all returned from Mellieha happy as if we had won the game.

1) Our 1st ever win against the GS on November 11 at the Xaghra ground. We came really close to beat the same Grand Slammers in Mellieha when we lost 2-3 a couple of weeks earlier. For the morale of our players we needed to win the game. Many came to watch the game and those that came were not disappointed. The Redcoats won in walk-off style on that day.

When you see the girls and the supporters going crazy with the win you cannot help but say what a great game softball/baseball is and how lucky we are to be able to play it…